I am a Web Developer from Karachi Pakistan and I love developing clean, appealing and functional websites with industry standards.

Web media always attracted my attention. I am following the evolution of client/server technologies learning every day and becoming better every day in this profession.

During my professional life I have developed many web sites using, xHtml/CSS, jQuery and wordpress.

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It was a great experience to learn xhtml/css and doing job as front end developer as before I was a hard core asp, web developer. After learning front-end related development I have created few top notch websites my current job is related to front-end but now I started missing back-end development heavily. Want to develop websites in silverlight with design patterns specially repository pattern. The areas that are gaining my interests are WCF Services and REST Full data services.

Recent Projects

Who loves chocolate ?? If you are addicted to chocolate and wish for many variations of chocolate products look no further offers many flavours ranging from crunchy nuts to smooth pralines, using dark,milk and white chocolate.

Online product catalogue of denim jeans with the facility of customizing your jeans with the help of the simple and interactive user interface offers to its users.

Offical website of united mobile the leading mobile phones distributors was incorporated in August 2001.

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Currently I have not much for you to download from my site other then my CV. So feel free to download it as it’s released under MY License.

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I am working at Creative Chaos.